Outside Sires

To ensure that the Frankfield Stockhorse Broodmare herd continues to bring new bloodlines into the breeding program, we often send mares away to outside Stallions. In the past few years some of our outside sires have included:


Yandaloo Benadette

Mistake Creek O’meley

Sylvia Vale Kilt

Knights Augustus

Myall Springs Omar

Lestree Easy Shot

Rosebrook Zulu (pictured below) – Zulu was a standing sire at Frankfield for several years, however was sold in 2007 to allow new bloodlines to develop in the stud

Rosebrook Zulu

Employee Application

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What our past employees say?


"I worked with the Burnett Group for over 5 years and can not speak highly enough of the support and guidance that I received in this time. I was initially employed as a Stationhand, however then moved into the Headstockman position at Frankfield. My partner Holly and I were sad to leave, but we have left with a great memories and the knowledge to pursue other interests in the beef cattle industry." 

- Neil Hammond