Area: 36 200 hectares (89 000 acres) Location: Monteagle is situated 65km west of Clermont along the Laglan Road within an established grazing district comprising mostly superior developed forest and scrub properties.

Land Types: Monteagle is a mixture of country ranging from alluvial creek flats through to quartz ridge country and semi-open Ironbark tablelands. The property is traversed by extensive frontages to Vangard (7km) and Gregory Creeks (20km) through the eastern and southern parts, and broad flooded flats along Mistake Creek (8km) on the western boundary. More than half of Monteagle has been developed with improved pastures, predominately Buffel and Seca Stylo. Mineral supplements are used continuously to boost productivity.

Business Operation: An extensive three-way cross-breeding program using Braford, Brahman and Euro bulls provides steers for finishing at Frankfield. Some steers and females are retained for the EU market.

Employees: 5-7 permanent employees are required for the Monteagle/Kalang operation.

Overview: Owned by Stanbroke Pastoral Company for many years until 1997, Monteagle was purchased by the Burnett family in March, 2001. The Monteagle/Kalang aggregation is managed by Steve and Lizzie, who reside in the historic homestead built in the early 1900s. While Monteagle is predominately a breeding operation, it also fattens cull cows and heifers through to slaughter weights. Each year, weaner steers are walked 30km to Frankfield with any excess steers or cull females being trucked to Bendemeer to finish. Monteagle is also the home of Frankfield Stockhorses, running 22 broodmares and growing their progeny through to two years of age, which are then distributed between the properties for breaking-in. As a large beef cattle breeding property, Monteagle has a unique advantage with its close proximity to Clermont and its strategic placement within the Burnett Group properties.

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What our past employees say?


"I worked with the Burnett Group for over 5 years and can not speak highly enough of the support and guidance that I received in this time. I was initially employed as a Stationhand, however then moved into the Headstockman position at Frankfield. My partner Holly and I were sad to leave, but we have left with a great memories and the knowledge to pursue other interests in the beef cattle industry." 

- Neil Hammond