Area: 68 000 hectares (168 000 acres)

Location: Frankfield is located 110km north of Clermont along the Gregory Developmental Road and Frankfield Road.

Land Types: Frankfield is made up of alluvial Gidgee softwood scrub soils traversing Miclere, Mistake and Pibald creek flood plains, which are now established to thick Buffel pastures. The land is generally undulating except for the hilly country surrounding Mt Rolfe. Approximately 70% of Frankfield is developed Brigalow, Gidgee and Blackwood scrub country sown to Buffel grass, with the balance being predominately remnant mixed Box forest country interspersed with areas of open plain. The major soil types are brown cracking clays, melon holey in parts with red earths in the Box country.

Business Operation: Breeding, growing and finishing grass-fed cattle.

Employees: 8-12 mainly permanent employees.

Overview: Formally owned and developed by Stanbroke Pastoral Company, Frankfield was purchased in 2004 by Frankfield Pastoral Company. Frankfield was considered by many as the ‘jewel in the crown’ of Stanbroke’s highly regarded Central Queensland properties. The extremely productive Buffel grass based pastures are highly suitable for large scale grass-fed beef production. Between 3 000 and 4 000 Brahman and Euro cross breeders are also run on Frankfield in a two-way cross-breeding strategy. Steers are grown and finished at 2½-3 years of age weighing 320-360kg. A variety of grazing systems are managed including two substantial cell grazing systems as well as rotational and continuous grazing. Frankfield makes up a significant portion of the Burnett Group with about 40% of the group’s annual cattle turn-off being marketed from Frankfield.


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What our past employees say?


"I worked with the Burnett Group for over 5 years and can not speak highly enough of the support and guidance that I received in this time. I was initially employed as a Stationhand, however then moved into the Headstockman position at Frankfield. My partner Holly and I were sad to leave, but we have left with a great memories and the knowledge to pursue other interests in the beef cattle industry." 

- Neil Hammond