2018 Colt Challenge

This years’ Colt Challenge was held at ‘Jo Jo’ from the 4th to the 6th of October.

2018 Colt Challenge Results

Event Hack Dry Work Freestyle Shoeing Trail Course Cattle working Ringers Ride Overall Places
1st Ngaio on Jack Frost Callum on On Fire Callum on On Fire Ben with Thunder Luke G on Dust Drifter Steve on Centigrade Dillon on Monsoon Callum on On Fire
Kayla on Mercury Luke G with Dust Drifter
2nd Kayla on Murcury Gavin on Breeze Cait on Blue Moon Callum with On Fire Callum on On Fire Dillon on Monsoon Callum on On Fire Gavin on Breeze
Jai on Rain
3rd Jackson on Sun Shower Jai on Rain Steve on Centigrade Kayla with Mercury Gavin on Breeze Mathew on Pizendown Gavin on Breeze Dillon on Monsoon
Gavin on Breeze
Luke G on Dust Drifter
4th Kayla on Mercury Ben on Thunder Luke G on Dust drifter Steve on Centigrade
Ngaio on Jack Frost
5th Kayla on Mercury
6th Jai on Rain

2018 Colt Challenge Futurity

Dry Work


Futurity Champion

Most Improved


Colt Challenge Champion

Callum on On Fire

Futurity Champion

Dillon on Destiny

Hoch and Wilkinson Best Stock Horse

Luke Goodwin on Drifting Dust

1st Dillon on Destiny Dillon On Destiny Dillon on Destiny
2nd Gavin on Hollywood Oak Gavin on Hollywood Oak Gavin on Hollywood Oak
Steve on Ana
3rd Krysta on Chamberlain Kayla on Diego Kayla on Diego
4th Jackson on Devina Krysta on Chamberlain
5th Jai on Opaline Jai on Opaline
6th Jackson on Devina


Below: A poem written by the talented Marco Gliori who attended this years’ Colt Challenge.


(a privilege to share your camp)

There’s a spark in Hendo’s Campfire, the crackle wakes the team,

the Ringers flip their swags back – there’s nothing left to dream.

The smoke, and smell of frying bacon, drift around the place,

while the billy and its tea leaves put a smile on every face.

Someone’s burnt the toast today, we’re scraping off the black

and laughing as young Callum makes another clever crack.

Dougy’s telling Dillon that those snags had better breed,

cause the ratbags down from Frankfield are a hungry mob to feed.

Gav’s out in the horse-yard, he’s the first each day to bolt,

Luke is looking eager as he stops to feed his colt,

Jay and Cait are acting calm, just like their horses do,

(Matt just saw ‘em smoochin’). Strewth! There’s bloody work to do!

Malcolm’s stirring up the pack and rattling off some rhyme

to Krista, Jess and Kayla, but they’re running out of time,

as Jumbo cracks the big whip, the day will now commence,

so, Jackson throws his saddle on and mounts up by the fence.

They’ll walk, then trot and canter, fix a fence and strain the wire,

check the tank, the dip, the pump, weld a pipe and change a tyre,

nail a shoe on, do the trail course, calm the cattle, then at last,

we’re over in the big yard with those Ringers from the past.

Where Stevo drafts the weaners off, as Ben flashes a grin,

if smiles were on the judge’s card, then everyone would win,

Ngoia’s good at Cutting – while Luke rides loose, but sure,

just like the colts they’re fiery, and keen to earn a score.

But trophies and bright ribbons can’t replace a decent mate,

lots of bullshit, heaps of laughter, ripper tucker on the plate,

faces glowing, neighbours mingling, from Monteagle to Jo Jo,

where the good old Soul of Bendemeer is putting on a show.

Marco Gliori