“We were looking for quiet, easy going work horses suitable to riders with a mixed level of experience. The Frankfield Stockhorses that we purchased in March 2011 have but the ideal solution. They have the work under their belts and make sure I can get the job done.”

Bernard and Cynthia Anderson, Narrien, Clermont

“I worked with the Burnett Group for over 5 years and can not speak highly enough of the support and guidance that I received in this time. I was initially employed as a Stationhand, however then moved into the Headstockman position at Frankfield. My partner Holly and I were sad to leave, but we have left with a great memories and the knowledge to pursue other interests in the beef cattle industry.”

Neil Hammond

I worked for the Burnett group for two years at Monteagle with Steve and Lizzie Burnett. When I was first employed I started out as a station hand but as the work load grew I progressed into a senior staff roll.

During my time I had an opportunity to travel down to JoJo and spend 2 weeks working down there, this was a great opportunity to meet new people and see some different country.

The Burnett group have a lot to offer as employers! The cattle incentive scheme, staff workshops and the annual Colt challenge just to name a few.

During my time I had the chance to take part in the cattle incentive scheme purchasing 5 head initially and then a further 5 this lead me to more than doubling my money in under 12 months

I would highly recommend Burnett group to anymore looking for employment within the cattle industry and would urge any employee to take part in the cattle incentive scheme.

Curtis Cherry