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Horse Riding  Nil Limited Competent Experienced
Horse Breaking  Nil Limited Competent Experienced
Horse Shoeing  Nil Limited Competent Experienced
Cattle Handling  Nil Limited Competent Experienced
Cattle Husbandry  Nil Limited Competent Experienced
Motorbike Riding (2 wheel)  Nil Limited Competent Experienced
Motorbike Riding (4 wheel)  Nil Limited Competent Experienced
Motorbike Servicing  Nil Limited Competent Experienced
Fencing - Repairs  Nil Limited Competent Experienced
Fencing – New  Nil Limited Competent Experienced
Yard Repairs & Maintenance  Nil Limited Competent Experienced
Welding  Nil Limited Competent Experienced
Machinery Operating  Nil Limited Competent Experienced
Record Keeping  Nil Limited Competent Experienced
Computer Skill  Nil Limited Competent Experienced
Butchering  Nil Limited Competent Experienced
Station Cooking  Nil Limited Competent Experienced
Machinery and Plant Maintenance  Nil Limited Competent Experienced
Machinery and Plant Repairs  Nil Limited Competent Experienced
Machinery Operation  Nil Limited Competent Experienced
Water Infrastructure Maintenance  Nil Limited Competent Experienced

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